Ankündigung der Testphase des unabhängigen ezidischen TV-Senders 4Şem TV

Anlässlich des ezidischen Neujahrsfestes, welches in diesem Jahr auf den 16. April 2014 fällt, ist es uns eine Freude anzukündigen, dass die Testphase des ezidischen TV-Senders  4Şem TV in Kürze beginnt. Da dieser Sender durch Spenden der Eziden finanziert wurde, ist er in seiner Programmgestaltung völlig unabhängig. Hauptsächlich wird er sich mit der Geschichte, der Religion, der Kultur und der Integration der Eziden beschäftigen. Gesendet wird täglich 24 Stunden in Kurdisch, Arabisch und Deutsch.


Publikation: Der Mensch hat sich nicht selbst erfunden

Buch Brade

Briefe über Religion
Ein Beitrag zum interkulturellen/interreligiösen Dialog

von Lutz Brade

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Memorial Event for the victims of attacks on Ezidis in the mountain region of Sinjar

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

On August 14, 2007 more than 336 people were killed and about 1000 families left homeless by attacks in the largely Ezidi-inhabited region of Sinjar.  Two villages of the religious minority were destroyed.  Islamist extremists loaded several trucks, including gas-tanker-trucks disguised as water-tank-trucks, with explosives and ignited them as they drove into the settlements.

The Ezidi Academy Hanover and the Ezidi Academy of North-Rhein-Westfahlen, headquartered in Bielefeld,  cordially invite you to a Memorial Event for the victims of the attacks on Ezdis living in the mountain region of Sinjar.


Auf dem Weg zum Dialog II – Zu Gast in der Ezidischen Akademie

In Hannover leben Menschen unterschiedlicher Religionen und Konfessionen. Möchten Sie sich wieder mit uns auf den Weg machen und diese Menschen in ihren Gemeinden und Gemeinschaften kennen lernen und mit ihnen ins Gespräch kommen?

Dann bietet Ihnen diese Begegnungsreihe die Möglichkeit dazu. Bei jeder Veranstaltung bekommen Sie eine Einführung der GastgeberInnen vor Ort. Lassen Sie sich einladen und seien Sie zu Gast in der Ezidischen Akademie zum Erleben ezidischer Religion und Kultur.


New Year Reunion 2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends, 

The Ezidische Akademie is welcoming the representatives of the Yezidi (the Prince), all Yezidi clubs, organizations, councils and individuals to get together to discuss following topics: 

Yezidi theology, Anthropology and Issues of integration of the Yezidis in Germany.


Internship as part of the project "Asylhilfe Niedersachsen"

Internship as part of the project "Asylhilfe Niedersachsen"

As part of the EU-funded program "Asylhilfe Niedersachsen" the Ezidische Akademie offers an internship in the evaluation of consultation meetings. The project involves supervisors to visit refugees and migrants for consultation. The family or person who seeks advise will be given a score sheet to evaluate the counsultation meeting. The intern will evaluate the evaluation forms.

Tutor wanted the Ezidische Akademie is looking for someone who can tutor children aged 5-15 years in the subjects German, Math and English. It is intended to tutor 1-2 times per week for about 2 hours. The tutoring is unpaid. However, a small allowance can be compensated.


The journal can be ordered through or be obtained at our events.

14 ausgabe  The journal can be ordered through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or be obtained at our events.



Project "Help for refugees in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) "

The project " Help for refugees in Lower Saxony " starts on 1.January 2014  by the Yezidi Academy Society.
As part of this project, following counseling services are offered for refugees and asylum seekers free of charge:
Counseling and Consultation in:
- Social legislation 
- Asylum, immigration and residence rights
- Human rights  ( women's rights )
- Asylum procedures
- Counseling in individual, group and family discussions, mainly about private issues
- to deal with new situations in everyday life 
- career counseling and skills, volunteering
- Psychosocial issues
- Pastoral care
- Additional therapy services
- Referral to psychotherapists for traumatized refugees
Additional Services are offered by the Yezidi Acamdemy to help find appropriate counsultation practices:
Support, assistance and accompaniment for: 
- Visit authorities, submission of applications, filling out forms
- Doctor visits
- Finding accommodation
- Promoting integration
- Educational counseling for parents
- Care of the children with their homework
- Information on training opportunities
- Information on cultural and social offerings
- Refugees threatened with deportation and refugees who are already in detention
- Literacy Course ( German )
Of course you can get in touch with us before:
Tel : 0511-6551 8938
 The project is supported by:

The human rights affairs in Yezidi areas in Iraq

rasho irak

reported by Ali Rasho

Our documentation about the human rights violations in the Yezidi areas were delayed, because we thought that the events during the transitional period that occurred after the end of a dictatorship are somewhat "natural". We were also aware that the transitional period would involve great sacrifices. But when the affairs did come to head, the Association of Yezidi intellectuals saw the importance of documenting such events, in particular in 2006, when the harbingers of the civil war in Iraq were heralding.

The brochure has now been published documenting all known events and incidents that have occurred since 2003. It supplements the information of the reports 2008 to 2012, which includes documentations of the human rights violations against the Yezidis in Iraq. The reports focus on issues such as health care, migration and displacement, the current security affairs, women affairs, as well as current problems of Yezidi communities in Iraq.

The Ezidische Akademie wants to thank Ali Rasho for his extensive research.

The brochure can be ordered online via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or also available at our events for a recovery fee of 10 €.